Inspect XtraTM for Macintosh and Windows

Inspect Window Enhances Director Authoring Environment

Inspect allows you to examine and change the value of variables and properties of all objects in the director environment. If you can name it, you can inspect it. Inspect will display the attributes of any valid Lingo entity. Property lists and regular lists are enumerated in the display window, and any entry in the list can be double clicked upon for unlimited nested inspections. Inspect fully understands the object-oriented features of Director, so when you inspect an instance of a parent script, you can see and change all the properties of the object and of its ancestors. You can even inspect cast members and objects birthed from protected movies and castLibs, including movies in a window!

Inspect makes debugging fast. Simple mouse clicks take you rapidly to the most burried details of your project in far less time than it takes to work in the message window or debugger. Because it allows you to easily browse the run-time state of your program, you may even be surprised how often you will find and fix bugs you were not even looking for.


This image is a reduced-size picture of the Inspect window.

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