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Risk-free software development: Pay only for what you use.

Traditionally, developing custom software can be an expensive and risky proposition. Software vendors typically require large up front payments. Once the payment is made, the company is then locked in and dependent on the vendor. If the vendor fails to deliver or demands more money due to "cost overruns" or "scope changes", the company is forced to either pay more than they budgeted or abandon their time and money investment. There is a long sad history of software projects that failed after considerable time and money was wasted.

At codeHorse, we believe there is a better and more honest way to develop software: pay only for what you use. We think that companies should pay a reasonable monthly fee for the software they use, and should be free to discontinue using the software at any time with no penalty.

The secret to a successful software project is to build it incrementally, so that the initial product "works" and each incremental improvement "works" and solves progressively harder problems. It is harder to develop software incrementally, but the results are stronger. One big problem is divided into pieces and each is solved in turn. At each step, care is taken that all the pieces continue to work together. If the pieces solve useful problems and do useful work, there is never any risk of failure.

At codeHorse, we have been developing world-class custom software since 1996 and we have an extensive, high-quality library of basic code which can be become the backbone of your custom software solution. We want to make it possible for you to have the software system that maximizes your productivity at an affordable price, risk-free.

Monthly fees for your custom solution can be less than the cost of operating your own server. Typically a monthly fee includes your license to use the software and a certain number of hours of support. This fee is good for as long as you continue to pay it -- your contract will not allow us to raise this fee unless you request additional features or support. You can discontinue at any time with no penalty. With this type of contract, our goal is simply to keep you happy so that you will continue to use the software.

Your application can be hosted on your linux servers, at an ISP of your choosing, or at in their cloud environment. We will set up redundancy and automatic backups that will ensure your solution works reliably for as long as you want it to.

Invite us to come up with a proposal for an incremental approach to your software needs. We think you'll be surprised by how affordable it can be to get exactly what you want and more.

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