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Notes - Modern House Audio Setup and Control over Ethernet


I don't just want excellent sound, I want excellent sound and information about the sound and control of both!
* High quality audio.
I want the quality to be limited only by what I can spend on equipment
* High level interface.
I also want to be able to use a more powerful full screen interface to control my music (like itunes), even if I'm sitting on my couch.
* Remote control.
I sometimes want to control music with a remote. At least when my laptop is somewhere else.
* Save anywhere - play anywhere
I want to save music on different computers and play it back to any speakers.
* What's that sound?
I want a graphical display that shows me what I am listening to like I have when I listen to music through itunes on my computer.
* Expandable.
I want to add more music zones in the future.
* Customizable.
I want things I don't even know about yet.

In other words, I want it all -- the perfect setup!

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