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At codeHorse, we are committed to establishing and maintaining long-term productive and profitable relationships with our partners and clients. We extend our sincerest thanks to all the excellent companies listed and linked here for the opportunity to work on these fine software projects.

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Intranet Docs Demo CD, 1998

Marden Kane designed a website to publicize and educate potential users of Xerox's Intranet Docs software. The site used Shockwave to add voice-overs and animation to demonstrate the software. Marden Kane wanted to get the message to potential customers who either did not have an internet connection, did not have a browser, or who did not have Shockwave installed in their browser. The answer, provided by codeHorse, was a CD which installed the web pages onto the user's hard drive for better performance. Additionally, the installer checked the user's hard drive for a browser and shockwave and installed them if necessary. The resulting CD thus leveraged the work done on the web site and ensured that the message reached everyone.

Windows 2003 Server, IIS, Perl, Firefox, iCalendar
Grab the Dough and Go, 1998

The Wolf Group Interactive designed this shockwave game as part of a promotional campaign for General Tire's "Grabber" tires, and codeHorse supplied the programming.

Macromedia Shockwave
Shop 'Til You Drop, 1998

AT&T's Universal Card is pitched to college students in this shockwave piece from Jesse James Creative. The programming was done by codeHorse.

Macromedia Shockwave
Lotus Notes And Other, 1998

Incorporating training tests developed by Pedagogue Solutions with their PedagogueR technology, codeHorse designed and developed a training CD which teaches the important elements of Lotus Notes as well as briefly introducing other software packages. The CD was custom-tailored for the sales force of a major food company.

Macromedia Director CD-ROM, Windows, Lotus Notes
First Ladies, 1998

This CD is a fully integrated sequel to Magic Wardrobe which features the presidential wardrobes of Martha Washington, Mary Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Jackie Kennedy.

Macromedia Director CD-ROM, Windows, Macintosh
Magic Princess, 1998

This CD is a fully integrated sequel to Magic Wardrobe which offers royal fashions from Ancient Greece, Japan in the year 1037, Medieval Europe, and 1805 France.

  • EDDIE Award, Best Early Elementary Title (Social Studies Category), 1998
  • Editor's Choice, Computer Times, June 1998
  • 4 Star review, Children's Software Revue, May/June 1998
Macromedia Director CD-ROM, Windows, Macintosh
Ad-O-Matic, 1998

Jesse James Creative asked codeHorse to do the shockwave and cgi programming for this game which collects user results via email.

Macromedia Shockwave
Elsevier Electronic Products Demo, 1998

At the request of Pedagogue Solutions, codeHorse developed a modular and extensible demo engine to display demos of Elsevier's products. The demos were created by Formal System's animators, programmers, and production artists and independently plugged into this CD for Windows 3.1 and 95. Two applications sitting on the same CD allow it to be used either in a stand-alone kiosk or as an interactive sales tool.

Macromedia Director CD-ROM, Windows
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