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At codeHorse, we are committed to establishing and maintaining long-term productive and profitable relationships with our partners and clients. We extend our sincerest thanks to all the excellent companies listed and linked here for the opportunity to work on these fine software projects.

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Willoughby Wallace Memorial Library, 2005

When the town of Branford offered to host the new wwml website designed by Fredi B. Design, codeHorse worked with the town to add the site to their server and install the necessary software.

Willoughby Wallace liked the idea of being able to keep a separate calander for their art exhibitions in addition to maintaining general calendars for other library events.

codeHorse also helped set up a wonderful archive of Stony Creek historical photos and postcards. A spreadsheet was created to keep track of all the items in the archive, and codeHorse programmed a script to convert it all into static html pages which will be indexed and therefore searchable via normal search engines. This is a database in a simple, pure and useful format.

Windows 2003 Server, IIS, Perl, Firefox, iCalendar
Wallies, 2005

A redesign of the Wallies site by Fredi B. Design for The Mccall Pattern Company was an opportunity to make even the dynamic database-driven urls smarter and more search engine friendly.

Windows 2003 Server, IIS, Perl, Firefox, iCalendar
Danbury Public Library, 2005

Danbury liked the idea of using Firefox to maintain a dynamic events page, and was delighted when codeHorse enabled them to add pictures to the events.

Windows 2003 Server, IIS, Perl, Firefox, iCalendar
Rosanne Pugliese, 2005

Manoverboard asked codeHorse to program an email-a-friend and contact form for this jewelry site.

Westport Library Obituary Database, 2005

Westport Public Library was introduced to codeHorse by their website designer, Fredi B. Design. codeHorse helped them convert an index-card cabinet full of obituary listings into a fully searchable web-based interface for a mysql database.

Windows 2000 Server, Apache, mysql, perl
Browser-based FTP , 2005

Creative Engineering's ftp site was working perfectly, but every time they added a new client, the client would often need to call and be walked through the connection process. There was nothing unusual about the settings, it worked exactly like all ftp sites, but some of the people that needed to use it were not familiar with ftp. Creative Engineering wanted a browser-based file upload solution that was easier for its clients. After reviewing the needs, and exploring different options, codeHorse recommended the simplest (and cheapest) possible solution: make use of the fact that the latest version of internet explorer has ftp built in, frames can be used to add ftp directly to the web site. A simple login page to get the ftp information, and one more codeHorse project was online and under budget.

With this successful mini-project accomplished in a day, it is no wonder Creative Engineering is having codeHorse help revitialize their backup procedures and get their linux backup server talking to their Windows 2003 server again.

FTP, Linux, Windows 2003 Server
Creative Engineering
Online T-Shirt Store, 2005

When an group of artists from Society Feeds the Hydra wanted to sell T-Shirts online, codeHorse helped them set up a Yahoo store. Inexpensive, secure, easy, trustworthy, no headaches: it is hard to beat the value of a Yahoo store.

Yahoo Store
The Hydra
Pivot Table Accounting, 2005

codeHorse advised Americas Capital Advisors on a method of organizing construction expenses into excel spreadsheets so that the resulting data can be displayed in pivot tables. The result is an efficient method for tracking accounting income and expense details by project, subproject, material, and category.

Microsoft Excel
Donor Database, 2005

codeHorse helped Princeton Public Library reorganize and add to their Microsoft Access donor database.

Microsoft Access
Email-A-Friend, 2005

codeHorse's email-a-friend addition to several of the The Mccall Pattern Company websites has been a huge success.

Oracle, Apache, mod_perl, sendmail, Linux
Reader Survey, 2005

codeHorse's online surveys for Butterick Home Catelog and Vogue Patterns Magazine, both published by The Mccall Pattern Company, generated more response than anticipated. The mailed-in versions were entered by secretaries via the same form that the online participants used so that the results could be compiled together in the same database. Users completed all the questions and entered long descriptive and valuable suggestions in the comments field. The backend administrative pages developed by codeHorse compiled and summarized the results in presentable fashion.

Oracle, Apache, mod_perl, sendmail, Linux
The Carlisle Group, 2005

Manoverboard asked codeHorse to program the back end for a website which showcases low cost housing units being developed in Florida. Administrative pages allow the uploading and rescaling of images as well as updates of the community details which are stored in an sql database. The settings and programming gives the dynamically generated pages static-looking urls which makes them search engine and bookmark friendly.

Mysql, Apache, perl, sendmail, CSS, Dreamweaver
Bergamo Fabrics, 2005

Bergamo Fabrics needed a database to manage quotes on custom fabric production for their contract division. They wanted to be able to access everything securely via the internet from anywhere the world, and they wanted it simple and done quickly. At their request, codeHorse implemented the database in Intuit's Quickbase, a web-based relational framework. Quickbase is one of the most impressive web-based applications in existence, and combined with codeHorse's database skills, the result was a truely amazing yet economical system. Quickbase's powerful built-in features make everything from data entry to reporting as pleasurable as it can be for appropriate applications.

Princeton Public Library, 2005

Princeton's beautiful new website was designed by Fredi B. Design, codeHorse's partner for full service library website design, integration, and innovation. codeHorse provided the unix administration and managed the technical details for a smooth transition to a new server and multiple new sites. codeHorse's contributions included:

Princeton Public Library uses codeHorse's catelist™ system to highlight their new offerings every month.

Princeton's patrons can see the events happening at the library by going to the dynamic events page. The staff maintains multiple calendars of programs for adults, teens, and children using standard tools such as Apple's ical or Mozilla's Calendar program. The events are "published" on the library's web server which then redisplays them for the patrons adjusting the starting date. Patrons who have these calendar programs can even subscribe to the events!

An Email-A-Librarian form expedites patron-librarian communication.

A secure online form allows patrons to apply for a library card over a secure connection. This is the right way to do it.

codeHorse also developed a multiuser intranet blog for staff to keep up-to-date a share links and information among the staff by department. Everyone sees the same blog entries, but the sidebars and links can be customized per department. This creates a customizable portal which gives a one-screen starting point for a staff intranet. The blog allows access to entries both by date and by hierarchical topic. A blog entry can be created by sending an email message to the blog's email address.

codeHorse setup online web pages for reviewing Analog web stats for the Princeton sites.

Windows 2003 Server, IIS, Perl, Firefox, iCalendar
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