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At codeHorse, we are committed to establishing and maintaining long-term productive and profitable relationships with our partners and clients. We extend our sincerest thanks to all the excellent companies listed and linked here for the opportunity to work on these fine software projects.

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Maryland State Board of Elections Website, 2006

Partnering with Fredi B Designs, codeHorse provided the coordination, production, and project management for a complete redesign and reorganization of the Maryland State Board of Elections website.

Ironically for codeHorse, one of the goals of this project was to get rid of all the programming, thereby making the site more secure. While this is not the ideal application for codeHorse's programming skills, it does make good use of codeHorse's web knowledge and organizational skills, and it is an appropriate goal for a public election site.

Completed on time and on budget, the new website has a clear navigational structure and is well organized, so it is much easeir for visitors to find what they are looking for. It is also designed to make it easy for the staff to update. Ultimately, by facilitating better communication, the website makes a statement about the dedication of the Maryland State Board of Elections to quality.

Dreamweaver, Contribute, IIS
Google Mini for the Danbury Library Catalog, 2006

Google's main search engines do not typically search library catalogs, and to the extent that they do, it is not possible for a library to customize the results. However, Google sells a Mini which is a limited version of their more expensive Google Search Appliance. The Mini can be tailored to a particular user's content and the results can be programmatically reformatted and presented as needed. The result is that with a bit of programming, a google mini can be made to search a Library Catalog and return appropriately formatted results.

Danbury Public Library had the foresight and vision ask codeHorse to do something simple in concept yet tremendously exciting in practice: use a google mini to search the library's catalog. Danbury's catalog is a web-enabled catalog made by Innovative Interfaces (iii). First codeHorse created a listing of links to all the library's holdings and a script to update it. Then the mini was configured to index the links via a proxy server. When the mini requests the page describing the holding, codeHorse's program on the proxy server reads the page from the catalog server and then annotates it with meta tags and additional information before returning the page to the mini. The mini then indexes the annotated page, tying the results to the library catalog record. Patron search results then return annotated information which the mini formats using codeHorse's XSL programming to include book jackets and author/title information in a more readable format than a normal google index would be able to return. But the link is to the library catalog entry, so the patron can go directly in to reserve or place a hold on the book.

Clever work by design genius Fredi B. Designs designed the site and catalog to accomodate both the google mini search box and the normal catalog search box, so there is no sacrifice necessary. The patrons and librarians can choose whichever search tool best fits their needs. As an added benefit, the Mini also indexes the website resulting in a wonderfully seamless search experience.

Google Mini, XSLT, Proxy Server, IIS, Innovative Interfaces
Teacher's Count Teacher's Pet Project, 2006

Manoverboard asked codeHorse to program the back end for this project in which people submit their favorite teachers along with comments which are published on a website. The forms were programmed to be secure and to save the information submitted in a secure (ssl and password protected) area of the website. When a visitor submits their nomination, an email is sent to a teacher's count administrator with a secure link to the data. The administrator logs in, reviews the data, and then presses a button to submit or retract the listing.

Apache, Perl, SSL, Credit Card Processing
Cohawney Renovation - Customization, 2006

Builder Steve Dallal had no trouble selling the Cohawney house in which codeHorse did the data wiring. The new owners of the Cohawney house had codeHorse help set up their computers and televisions as well as supervise the installation of a fiber optic internet connection from Verizon (FIOS). Two LCD TV's needed to be wall mounted. In order to obtain the best product at the lowest cost, codeHorse signed up to become an AV Dealer for Chief Manufacturing. Chief's MWR Reaction Single Swing Arm Mount was perfect for placing a TV in an eave in the Master Bedroom where it could swing out at the perfect angle and yet not obstruct the windows. In the family room the PLP Fusion™ Pull-N-Tilt Wall Mount was sufficient where a larger range of motion was unnecessary. In both locations, a new data port was tucked behind the unit to conceal the wires in the wall. The TV's appear to float on the walls.

Chief LCD Wall Mounts
Cohawney Renovation, 2006

Builder Steve Dallal of Cadco Corp. wanted data wiring for the multimillion dollar home he was building to be perfect, so he hired codeHorse to design and put in low voltage wiring that would be as "future-proof" as possible. codeHorse ran 2 home runs of cat 6 wire and one of rg-6 quad shield coaxial cable to each of 14 locations throughout the house. All the home runs end attractively at a Leviton Structured Media Center mounted in a central position in the basement directly under the family room and master bedroom. Installing a wireless router in the basement and another in the attic set to the same SSID covered the entire estate with continuous good signal.

Leviton SMC, cat 6, rg-6, Linksys srx
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