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At codeHorse, we are committed to establishing and maintaining long-term productive and profitable relationships with our partners and clients. We extend our sincerest thanks to all the excellent companies listed and linked here for the opportunity to work on these fine software projects.

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Danbury Public Library, 2004

The library catelist™ system is a codeHorse software product designed to create new and recommended lists by annotating library catalog book lists with additional information. The website was designed by Fredi B Design, codeHorse's partner for full service library website design, integration, and innovation.

Publishing lists of new and recommended library books, cd's or dvd's or other library holdings is an excellent way for a library to communicate with its patrons. Emailing new lists to patrons who sign up brings the library to the patron on a monthly basis. Each item in each list has a direct link to its listing in the library catalog, so a patron can click to immediately reserve items they are interested in. As an added benefit, the items which appear in the new and recommended lists are frequently the ones most searched for on the web, so publishing the lists on the web invites the search engines to drive traffic to the library's website.

The library catelist™ system is a codeHorse custom software product designed to create and organize new and recommended lists of library holdings. It pulls the content of lists created and saved in the library catalog, and annotates and merges the listings with external information. Output is then attractively reformatted for the web or for email. The program is customized and adapted to the libary's catalog and integrated with the design of the library website.

Windows 2003 Server, IIS, Perl, Firefox, iCalendar
Westport/Weston Chamber of Commerce, 2004

Working closely with designer Fredi Bremond of FrediB Designs, codeHorse set up an online member directory. The online database keeps in sync with the Westport Chamber's proprietary database and extends it to provide added functionality on the web.

Mysql, Perl, freebsd, Dreamweaver, Contribute
Tracking System, 2004

At the request of The Mccall Pattern Company, codeHorse built a database-driven software system that tracks click through rates and sales resulting from banner ads and other links accross multiple brands and domains.

Oracle, Apache, mod_perl, sendmail, Linux
Email System, 2004

At the request of The Mccall Pattern Company, codeHorse wrote software to integrate mass marketing by email with their customer database.

Oracle, Apache, mod_perl, sendmail, Linux
Wallies, 2004

The Mccall Pattern Company asked codeHorse to add this store to their site and integrate it with codeHorse's shopping technology.

Windows 2003 Server, IIS, Perl, Firefox, iCalendar
Accounting Database, 2004

Morris Plains Shoes in Morris Plains, New Jersey asked codeHorse to set up a small intranet with a web-based interface to a database for keeping track of accounts and invoices.

Mysql, Apache, Perl, Windows XP Pro
Computer and Network Setup, 2004

When Rago Brothers shoe and leather repair shop in Morristown NJ was destroyed in a fire, codeHorse assembled and setup 3 new computers, ran cat 6 cable and installed a network to help get them back in business as quickly as possible.

Linksys, Cat 6, Wireless, Asus, Windows XP Pro
Council for Appropriate and Rational Antibiotic Therapy CD-ROM, 2004

Daz Media asked codeHorse to create this program for Windows and Macintosh which provides a drag and drop interface for selecting and presenting a subset of several groups of provided slides.

Macromedia Director
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